Tokyo, Japan

People believe and live by many stories, but none of them are fully satisfying.

Only God's story can fully satisfy. The Gospel and gospel community are the only hope for Tokyo.

Our Story


My name is Yoshito Noguchi.

Our family moved to Tokyo to plant His church in 2011, right after the devastating tsunami caused by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. The mission started with our family (Ami, my wife, and our two young daughters, Yuka and Nanaka) living every day life among lost people in Tokyo. We wanted to display the gospel in tangible ways through our daily interactions.

The Hope of Tokyo


Tokyo is the largest city in the history of the world.

Over 30 million people live in the Tokyo metropolis. There are countless lives but few churches. People believe and live by many stories, but none of them work. They do not give a meaning to life that is fully satisfying. Only the gospel story works. The Gospel and gospel community are the only hope for Tokyo. 

One Day He Blinked


After 8 years as a youth pastor, I began working in Tokyo.

Our home church in Osaka affirmed our calling for Tokyo and helped to send us off in 2011. When I moved to Tokyo I started working as a home care aid. The first person I baptized was a client of mine who had ALS and could not move at all. I shared the gospel many times and one day he blinked his eyes to receive Jesus as Savior. 

God moved our family to meet this man and share the gospel with him first. I thought that God would bring me a strong leader so that we could do mission together, but God showed me that we needed a team who could pray first. He brought this man with ALS who could not move or speak, but was able to pray. 

God answered our prayers. Several months after that, two other people were baptized, and another two people this year. God recently brought two mature Christian families from the USA to join our mission in Tokyo. Now, we are preparing to plant more missional communities in an effort to see gospel saturation throughout Tokyo.

Church is Who We Are


We want to see Tokyo filled with the glory of God.

We believe that the church is not just a place we go, but who we are, a people saved by God's power for God's purposes. We want to cover all of Tokyo with "missional communities" that live out the gospel in everyday life. 

We want the gospel seen and proclaimed to every neighbor, at every bar, at every business, at every place people go so that no one can escape the presence of God. And from Tokyo, we want to see this movement spread to every major city in Japan.

Building His Church


Jesus is building His church.

As our church begins to experience rapid growth, we believe it is time for me to be free from working as a home care aid so that I can direct all my time towards leading the church. Since we are still in the first phase of church planting, we need people from around the world who can faithfully support our mission.

We hope and pray that in the next three years we can become financially independent and support other missionaries all over the world to make disciples and plant more churches.

Please pray, support, and become part of the journey with us to see the kingdom come to Tokyo!

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